An FBI boss discusses cyberthreats from foreign adversaries

Tonya Ugoretz, Deputy Assistant Director in the Cyber Division of the FBI discusses the uptick of cyberattacks from foreign adversaries. With these new threats, the FBI is working diligently with government parters, according to Ugoretz. That includes public information campaign sharing as well as public services announcements — a joint operation with DHS.

Intrusion activity and theft of intellectual property are persistent, she says, and with he pandemic there has been an uptick in interest around the COVID-19 pandemic, with every country in the world trying to secure an effective and safe vaccine. These threats make it imperative that the FBI collaborate across government and private organizations.

Ugoretz shares how the new threat landscape is also changing legal paradigms of holding both nation states and cyber criminals accountable for their intrusions. She discusses the FBI’s strategy that focuses on imposing risk and consequences to cyber adversaries.

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