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Confronting culture, bias and UX to build stronger security practices

When it comes to managing cybersecurity, many organizations leaders focus on technology platforms and processes.

However, according to Chris Crummey, leader for the new IBM Center for Government Cybersecurity, there are several non-technical ways that organizations can combat cyber threats.

CyberScoop interviewed Crummey about how organizations are addressing culture within their organization as a way to mitigate security risks, as part of CyberScoop’s recent CyberWeek virtual event series from October 18-22, 2021.

Crummey also shares the role that human biases play in responding the cyber incidents and how organizations can support frictionless security initiatives across the enterprise.

Watch the full interview with Chris Crummey and learn more about improving your organization’s security to combat modern threats.

This video interview was produced by CyberScoop and underwritten by IBM.