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A platform approach to security to minimize technical debt

The growing complexity of the IT infrastructure and the number of security tools that protect the enterprise network is a challenge for most organization leaders today, shares Fortinet’s John Maddison in a recent interview.

“I’ve spoken to some customers who have 60 different security tools from different vendors doing different functions,” he said, so they are shifting towards a platform approach rather than having a point solution for everything.

Maddison, executive vice president and chief marketing officer for products at Fortinet, joined Scoop News Group to discuss trends in security approaches that can adapt to the latest threats and improve security for how users operate.

“The way your infrastructure is changing, changes the way you need to deploy security…where you’ve gone from this protection mode to detection to response to automation,” he says.

By rethinking a platform approach, organizations can look at vendors with platforms with multiple functions and can work together to exchange threat intelligence, exchange policy and build automation.

This approach, he explains, minimizes the amount of work organizations have to do to get point solutions to work together and can scale to fit the demands of today’s infrastructure that includes cloud applications, user devices and secure users themselves who are working from anywhere.

Listen to the full interview and learn more about how organizations balance security needs with business priorities.

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This video interview was produced by Scoop News Group, for CyberScoop, and underwritten by Fortinet.