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Cisco patches 'critical' credential bug in video surveillance software

by Zaid Shoorbajee

The company says it failed to disable the root account in the affected software. The root account has static credentials that can be exploited by anyone who knows them.

How the federal government is dealing with the ever-changing perimeter

by Jeff Stone

Cyxtera's federal leader Greg Touhill talks with Greg Otto on how the perimeter is changing and how federal agencies are adapting to the change.

Why DNS resolvers are having a moment

by Jeff Stone

Quad9 Executive Director John Todd talked with Greg Otto at the 2018 RSA conference about the service’s growth, and what it means in the quest to improve basic cyber hygiene.

Moving the threats away from your employees

by Jeff Stone

Proofpoint's Mark Guntrip talks with CyberScoop's Greg Otto on how enterprises can stop threats before they ever get to an employee's inbox.

Tackling the challenges of enterprise mobility management

by Jeff Stone

Mike Burr, Android Enterprise platform specialist, talks with Carten Cordell on how agencies deal with their mobile security strategy.

Why attributing NotPetya is a tricky endeavor

by Jeff Stone

Anomali's Director of Security Strategy Travis Farral talks with Greg Otto on why NotPetya points back to Russia and what organizations can do to guard their software supply chain.