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Ticketmaster pays $10M fine to settle charges of using stolen passwords to spy on rival company

by Joe Warminsky

A former employee at the rival company had leaked logins to Ticketmaster, according to the Department of Justice.

Up to 40 percent of traffic on ticket sites is automated. Here's why that's bad for security.

by Jeff Stone

Bad bots made up 39.9 percent of ticket-buying traffic between September and December 2018, according to Distil Networks.

Here's how to defend your enterprise from Magecart

by Sean Lyngaas

With the body of forensic evidence tied to Magecart growing, researchers have released recommendations for defending against the group.

Report suggests Ticketmaster breach was broader than initial disclosure

by Zaid Shoorbajee

A RiskIQ researcher says targeting third-party web apps is the "supply chain attack for the web."

Ticketmaster UK trades blame with chat app provider over payment data breach

by Zaid Shoorbajee

Ticketmaster says a chat app by Inbenta Technologies was the problem. But Inbenta claims Ticketmaster improperly deployed the app on its payment system.