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Trump taps DOE veteran to head Homeland Security research arm

by Sean Lyngaas

President Trump plans to nominate William Bryan, an experienced critical infrastructure specialist, to lead the Department of Homeland Security's R&D arm.

Microsoft uncovers hacking operation aimed at software supply chain

by Chris Bing

The recent findings underscore the threat organizations face through vulnerable, third-party applications.

Mandatory insider-threat detection program may help Booz Allen and hurt startups

by Chris Bing

Newly implemented federal rules that call for the creation of mandatory insider threat detection programs will make competing for lucrative U.S. intelligence and cybersecurity contracts increasingly difficult for smaller defense firms, experts tell CyberScoop.

After Dyn cyberattack, lawmakers seek best path forward

by Chris Bing

More than three weeks after a massive distributed denial of service, or DDoS-style attack, disrupted America’s internet — downing major properties like Twitter and eBay for several hours — lawmakers took to Capitol Hill Wednesday to explore how the nation should move forward.

Chinese-authored spyware found on more than 700 million Android phones

by Chris Bing

A Chinese startup that works with leading phone manufacturers like ZTE and Huawei hid software that enabled surveillance by tracking user’s movements and communications, Kryptowire security researchers found.

Russian banks continue to face onslaught of DDoS attacks

by Chris Bing

Since Tuesday, five Russian banks have been targeted in an ongoing attack. The campaign does not look to be caused by the Mirai botnet.