US investigates suspected cyber-espionage campaign against government agencies dating back months

by Tim Starks

Multiple security-focused government agencies are digging into what happened.

U.S. poised to deny China Mobile access to American market due to spying fears

by Ryan Duffy

On Monday, the Trump administration moved to block a large Chinese telecommunications company from entering the U.S. market, recommending that its application be rejected on national security grounds.

The small government agency creating a policy to stop botnets

by Shaun Waterman

A Trump administration initiative to reduce the threat from botnets is using a novel policymaking tool developed by an obscure federal agency.

Hackers expect replies, not rewards, for finding bugs

by Shaun Waterman

The survey is one of three publications from the NTIA's vulnerability disclosure multi-stakeholder process.

The government is trying to catch up on IoT security policy

by Shaun Waterman

The ballooning security problems presented by the burgeoning Internet of Things phenomenon need to be addressed as quickly as possible, but the ecosystem's complexity makes it hard to know where to start, a government advisory panel was told Wednesday.