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Industry must take the lead in forming public-private cybersecurity partnerships, experts say

by Cassie Stephenson

Collaboration between industry and government works better when there is a foundation of trust and industries lead the way, panelists say.

Blockchain biz gets new D.C. voice

by Shaun Waterman

The Global Blockchain Business Council announced Wednesday that they were opening a DC office and appointing a board of directors.

Why businesses ignore the U.S. government's information sharing programs

by Chris Bing

Widespread over-classification of cyber threat intelligence collected by the U.S. government is causing information sharing programs between the private and public sector to be less effective, former U.S. officials say.

How the U.S. government could disrupt the zero-day market

by Chris Bing

The market for zero-days — a business largely focused on the indiscriminate sale of undisclosed security flaws — exists in a quasi-legal grey zone that must be curtailed by the U.S. government, according to a research paper released by D.C.-based think tank New America.