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DOJ's Sandworm operation raises questions about how far feds can go to disarm botnets

by Suzanne Smalley

The Department of Justice and FBI announced they used remote access technology to shut down a Sandworm botnet.

FIN7 hacker sentenced to five years

by Tonya Riley

Denys Iarmak, a Ukrainian national, was involved with the Russia-linked hacking group between November 2016 and November 2018.

'Razzlekhan' released on bond, husband detained ahead of cryptocurrency laundering trial

by Tonya Riley

Prosecutors found access keys to the wallet containing the stolen cryptocurrency in Ilya Dutch Lichtenstein's cloud storage. The judge called the evidence a "smoking gun." 

Assange permitted to file U.K. Supreme Court appeal in extradition case

by Joe Warminsky

The ruling essentially buys the WikiLeaks publisher more time as his lawyers try to keep him out of the U.S. justice system.

Courts order handover of breach forensic reports in trend welcomed by consumers, feared by defendants

by Tim Starks

Over the past year, three different judges have compelled data breach suit defendants to give the reports to plaintiffs.

FBI employee indicted for stealing classified info on FBI cybersecurity work

by Shannon Vavra

The documents also revealed information on al Qaeda and counterintelligence work.