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Ticketmaster pays $10M fine to settle charges of using stolen passwords to spy on rival company

by Joe Warminsky

A former employee at the rival company had leaked logins to Ticketmaster, according to the Department of Justice.

Teenager arrested in UK for allegedly hacking 'world-famous' musicians

by Sean Lyngaas

Lone hackers have been known to go after data stored by celebrities in the cloud. Law enforcement did not name the musicians who were hacked.

'Grey's Anatomy' attempts to bring ransomware attacks to a public audience

by Nicole Softness

In the winter finale of the popular television show "Grey's Anatomy," there was an unexpected guest star: ransomware.

FBI charges man in massive data theft from HBO

by Greg Otto

The FBI alleges a man stole personal financial information and passwords belonging to company employees, as well as what appears to be unreleased television scripts and episodes.

Instagram buying domains to deter hackers from selling data

by Shaun Waterman

The social media company appears to have spent the long weekend buying up internet domains that hackers might try to use to sell contact information stolen last week from 6 million accounts.

Instagram investigating larger breach; hacker claims 6 million accounts for sale

by Shaun Waterman

Instagram says it is continuing to investigate a data breach linked to a flaw in its application programing interface or API which exposed user names, phone numbers and email addresses.