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How security and DevOps teams can agree on cloud infrastructure

by Jeff Stone

Matt Chiodi, Chief Security Officer for Public Cloud at Palo Alto Networks, talks with Greg Otto on how his company is helping enterprises set up cloud instances.

Why CISOs must get better at connecting to the rest of the company

by Jeff Stone

Too few companies have leaders who work together effectively, as evidenced by the number of data breaches originating at misconfigured cloud servers, a panel of experts said at the RSA conference.

Information security in the DevOps age: Aligning conflicting imperatives

by CyberScoop Staff

The explosive growth of software containers has been a boon for agile development; but they can create hidden risks for security pros.

TSA CISO: Government faces 'diametrically opposed' pressures on cyber

by Shaun Waterman

Officials with responsibility for cybersecurity at government agencies feel they are being pulled in opposite directions by competing priorities.

Seamless security: the rallying cry of Amazon Web Services

by Greg Otto

Just like everything else with its thriving empire, Amazon Web Services and its partners are making serious efforts to make security as easy as possible as ever more enterprises turn to the cloud.