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How to address top cybersecurity threat trends in 2023

by CyberScoop Staff

FortiGuard Labs’ chief security strategist and VP of Global Threat Intelligence on how CISOs should be investing in their security portfolio to address threat trends in 2023.

Strengthening the ‘cyber kill chain’ to combat modern threats

by CyberScoop Staff

FortiGuard Labs’ Derek Manky on defending against advanced persistent cybercrime.

Combatting evolving cyberthreats from the network and out to the edge

by CyberScoop Staff

FortiGuard Labs’ Derek Manky discusses how threat actors are adapting their use of pre-attack reconnaissance tools and the dark web to scale up attacks on critical infrastructure.

Research shows ransomware and social engineering threats are on the rise

by CyberScoop Staff

FortiGuard Labs’ Derek Manky says new research shows a 10.7 fold increase in ransomware activity year-to-year, and what IT security leaders are doing in response.

Adapting security strategies to respond to an expanding threat landscape

by CyberScoop Staff

Security leader Derek Manky takes a closer look at what is behind the dramatic surge in ransomware and cyberattacks and how leaders can build greater resiliency in the network.

Threat intelligence increasingly depends on AI

by CyberScoop Staff

But artificial intelligence still requires time to learn as adversaries grow in size and sophistication, a security expert says.