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Combatting evolving cyberthreats from the network and out to the edge

As organizations evolve their networks, cybercriminals are adapting their attack tactics to take greater advantage of a fragmented perimeter, siloed teams and a larger attack surface.

Derek Manky, chief of security insights and global threat alliances at Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs, joins CyberScoop in an exclusive interview to discuss how threat actors are using pre-attack reconnaissance tools to increase and maximize ransomware attacks and how IT security leaders can shore up their security defenses.

Manky also elaborates on new research from FortiGuard Labs that reveals how criminals are exploiting security risks at the edge and using the dark web to make their attacks on critical infrastructure scalable.

Watch the full interview with Manky and read more security predictions for 2022 from FortiGuard Labs.

This video interview was produced by CyberScoop and underwritten by Fortinet.