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Grand jury indicts Ukrainian for role in vast Raccoon Infostealer cybercrime operation

by AJ Vicens

The suspect's group accumulated at least 50 million unique credentials from "millions of potential victims" worldwide, the DOJ said.

Top DOJ official 'pleased' with multiagency and branch response to courts data breach

by AJ Vicens

Deputy Assistant Attorney General for National Security Adam Hickey discussed the breach and the need to balance transparency with privacy related to sensitive material.

Ex-NSA employee charged with violating Espionage Act, selling U.S. cyber secrets

by Suzanne Smalley

The former employee allegedly told an undercover FBI agent he was willing to sell classified documents for a $85,000 due to significant debt.

Agencies don't know what sensitive data new IT systems collect on Americans, GAO report finds

by Tonya Riley

A rise in federal agency breaches involving personal data highlights the ongoing challenge the U.S. government faces in protecting privacy.

Senator slams U.S. courts agency for 'stonewalling' inquiry into cyberattack

by AJ Vicens

Sen. Ron Wyden said the courts administrators' lack of answers about the breach "is a major red flag about the state of the courts’ systems."

House leaders demand law enforcement agencies provide details on use of private data

by Tonya Riley

Public records and reporting has revealed that federal agencies have spent millions of dollars on contracts with massive data brokers.