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Pentagon put microgrid technology to the test at DEF CON, drawing on hackers' ingenuity

by Suzanne Smalley

The collaboration unfolded at the cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas where more than 1,700 attendees attempted to outsmart DOD technology.

DOD expands vulnerability disclosure program, giving hackers more approved targets

by Shannon Vavra

The expansion comes as the DOD eyes broader changes for its Vulnerability Disclosure Program.

How the government is keeping hackers from disrupting coronavirus vaccine research

by Shannon Vavra

Behind the scenes, DOD has been working to protect the U.S. government effort to produce a coronavirus vaccine against foreign hacking.

DEF CON’s Aerospace Village looks to satellite hacking to improve security in space

by Shannon Vavra

The aerospace hacking village at DEF CON is going to look pretty different this year.

The NSA is piloting a secure DNS service for the defense industrial base

by Shannon Vavra

The effort aims to secure services on small- and medium-sized companies working on Department of Defense weapons technologies

At DEF CON’s aviation village, the military is interested in more than just the hacks

by Shannon Vavra

The Defense Digital Service's newly minted chief, Brett Goldstein, tells CyberScoop his team intends to use the DEFCON aviation village as a way to attract recruits to hack the Pentagon.