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Election interference efforts have shifted, NSA and Cyber Command election threats leads say

by Shannon Vavra

With Election Day less than 100 days away, the National Security Agency and the Pentagon's Cyber Command are carefully monitoring threats, two government officials said Friday.

Flaws in Qualcomm chips could allow snooping, Check Point finds

by Shannon Vavra

Qualcomm Technologies Snapdragon chips have over 400 vulnerabilities, some of which could allow hackers to spy on users’ GPS location.

Hackers can still steal wads of cash from ATMs. Here's the vulnerabilities that could let them in.

by Shannon Vavra

Hackers may love ransomware, but ATM vulnerabilities still abound, Red Balloon Security researchers explain at DEF CON 2020.

DEF CON’s Aerospace Village looks to satellite hacking to improve security in space

by Shannon Vavra

The aerospace hacking village at DEF CON is going to look pretty different this year.

There’s a new open-source project to detect cellphone-snooping technology

by Sean Lyngaas

The EFF's Crocodile Hunter includes an API that gathers data on IMSI catchers and shares it with other researchers.