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A Department of Defense bulletin on a 'leaking' sinkhole has baffled cybersecurity experts

by Shannon Vavra

Sinkholes don't leak. So why does a small DOD agency say a Chinese hacking group is using one to steal data?

Microsoft strikes back at Necurs botnet by preemptively disabling hacking tools

by Jeff Stone

The action is the result of eight yesrs of tracking and planning, the company said.

So how are companies dealing with BlueKeep?

by Jeff Stone

BitSight’s director of security research Dan Dahlberg talks with CyberScoop's Editor-in-Chief Greg Otto about what companies are doing to protect themselves from the BlueKeep vulnerability.

More than 805,000 systems are still exposed to BlueKeep, study finds

by Sean Lyngaas

Organizations are patching, but not fast enough.

What actually happens when a company examines third-party risk

by Jeff Stone

More than zero-days or machine learning, this is what CISOs are constantly measuring on a day-to-day basis.

Security ratings company BitSight earns $60 million in Series D funding

by Zaid Shoorbajee

BitSight says security ratings will ultimately be as important as credit ratings. The company gives customers a window into the security posture of potential partners along with their own.