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Chinese spies are exploiting routers to try hacking French targets, cyber agency says

by Tim Starks

It's part of a blitz of foreign governments calling out Beijing-sponsored hackers.

Finland implicates China-linked APT31 in parliament hack

by Sean Lyngaas

It's only the latest case of alleged cyber-espionage to rock a Nordic parliament.

Chinese hackers stole another NSA-linked hacking tool, research finds

by Shannon Vavra

A growing body of research shows Chinese hackers going after NSA tools.

Google: Biden and Trump campaigns targeted by separate spearphishing campaigns

by Shannon Vavra

Google Threat Analysis Group has seen Chinese and Iranian nation-state linked hackers targeting Joe Biden and President Donald Trump’s campaigns.

Right country, wrong group? Researchers say it wasn’t APT10 that hacked Norwegian software firm

by Sean Lyngaas

The hack of Visma was done by APT10, according to Recorded Future and Rapid7. Or was it? Other researchers say it had all the hallmarks of another China-linked group, APT 31.