Tags 2018 RSA Conference

The three stages of patch management around WannaCry

by Jeff Stone

Qualys Director of Project Management Jimmy Graham talks with Greg Otto about data showing how organizations managed patches around WannaCry.

What deception can do for your enterprise

by Jeff Stone

Fidelis CEO Nick Lantuh talks with Greg Otto about active deception and how enterprise security teams can hit a sweet spot of a security and usability within a network.

Can the growth of secure communications products continue?

by Jeff Stone

Wickr CEO Joel Wallenstrom talks with Greg Otto on encrypted communications' growth and where Wickr is headed in the next year.

The growing threat to industrial control systems

by Jeff Stone

Dragos' Director of Threat Intelligence Sergio Caltagirone talks with Greg Otto about companies running industrial control systems and how they're adjusting to growing threats.

Breaking down Olympic Destroyer's false flags

by Jeff Stone

Craig Williams, Director of Talos Outreach, talks with Greg Otto about the attack on the Winter Olympics infrastructure and how it was disguised the parties responsible for the attack.

How 'Code Like a Girl' aims to keep girls involved in STEM

by Jeff Stone

Arctic Wolf Networks Vice President of R&D Dinah Davis talks about Code Like a Girl, a platform designed to amplify the voices of women in technology.