Working toward zero-trust security

Dan Prieto, strategic executive, federal government for Google Cloud, says the massive shift to remote work and the related security concerns have pushed CISOs more front and center in deciding what the overall IT and technology adoption roadmap looks like.

Initially there was a big push to procure more VPNs and hardware, however, Prieto cites a Gartner study which predicts that by 2023, 60% of enterprises will favor more zero-trust network access. The Google Cloud platform, according to Prieto, provides that kind of zero-trust environment. New York City Cyber Command is just one example of an agency that has been able to use zero trust to get everyone to work remotely with secure devices.

As cyberthreats grow, organizations are going to have to address the shortage of both security and data science professionals. Short-term fixes will need to focus on technical training as well as increasing the productivity of the workforce using powerful analytics tools.

Prieto was filmed in October 2020 for the virtual CyberTalks event produced by Scoop News Group.

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