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Exploring the foundations of cybersecurity compliance

Cybersecurity compliance is a necessary responsibility for every enterprise and business, but organizations often wrestle with balancing compliance and risk within the confines of limited budgets and skillsets.

In a new CyberScoop interview, Deputy Director for Arizona Department of Homeland Security and Deputy CISO State of Arizona Ryan Murray says in the State of Arizona they “have multiple teams that are responsible for identifying their regulatory compliance needs, working with those regulatory bodies and ensuring that they’re meeting those requirements.”

Murray says that the state’s Department of Homeland Security and information security and privacy office sets cybersecurity policies and monitor compliance at the state level at the statewide level – as the overarching umbrella for monitoring compliance enforcement. “However, our various agencies still have federal regulatory bodies, or other regulatory bodies, that they have to adhere to those requirements. And they’re ultimately responsible for ensuring that they’re meeting those regulatory needs. Fortunately, we’re here to help them in that we have that higher-level picture that statewide perspective, so we can provide that guidance on how to meet those regulatory requirements in a timely way,” he adds.

Arctic Wolf’s Senior Product Marketing Manager Louis Evans highlighted best practices for organizations to understand critical and sometimes conflicting requirements best. “Different agencies are going to have responsibilities to different compliance frameworks,” says Evans. He says it’s important to break down role-based silos within an organization and develop a broad perspective on compliance responsibilities that might adhere to an organization to fully understand the extensive pile of specific compliance obligations.

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This video panel discussion was produced by Scoop News Group and CyberScoop and underwritten by Arctic Wolf Networks.