Claroty's Dave Weinstein on improving communication between IT and OT

Dave Weinstein, Chief Security Officer for Claroty, talks with CyberScoop Editor-in-Chief Greg Otto at the 2020 RSA Conference about how IT and OT offices are coming together to protect their entire enterprise.

“You need to make sure that whatever you’re doing in the IT side from a governance perspective, from a security operations perspective, is integrated with what’s happening on your your plant floor or your factory floor,” Weinstein told CyberScoop.

Weinstein also talks about what he believes to be an improvement in communication.

“Traditionally, OT is a safety issue. It is a security issue,” Weinstein told CyberScoop “Now we’re seeing that that your plant managers, your OT engineers, start to see value in adopting certain OT security practices and technologies….because they can measure it in the context of reliability and uptime.  They’ve witnessed, unfortunately, plants go down due to malware just spilling over from the IT side to do as well as targeted attacks. So for them, it’s really as much of a reliability issue, as it is a security and safety issue.”

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