How DHS has tried to improve election security matters

Department of Homeland Security’s Chris Krebs discusses election security, greater cooperation across state and local agencies. Since 2016, DHS has worked to build a network, build trust with election officials and create an environment of information sharing to improve election security.

Election officials have to deal with a string of threats, that may not always be cyber related, says Krebs. For example, natural disasters such as extreme weather or fires can disrupt elections. Being able to equip local leaders to manage risk will be key to a safe and secure election.

Krebs also spoke about misinformation campaigns and attacks on news organizations that bad actors will exploit to disrupt the election processes. He shares how DHS is equipped for a more coordinated pushback and response to these threats and more.

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Christopher Krebs, CyberTalks 2020, Department of Homeland Security (DHS)