Dark web intelligence firm Terbium Labs raises $6 million


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Dark web intelligence firm Terbium Labs raised a $6 million investment round led by Glasswing Ventures, the company announced Wednesday.

Founded in 2013, Terbium Labs has raised a total of $15 million off of their product Matchlight, the company’s dark web automated data monitoring system.

Dark web intelligence firms are attracting millions of dollars. Flashpoint, another dark web intelligence firm, took in a $28 million round of funding in July. DarkOwl, another company in the space, says it will be announcing a new round of investments in the near future. The company has seen increased investor interest since the dark web market takedowns earlier this year.

“Regardless of your politics, when [Attorney General] Jeff Sessions stands up and says ‘the dark net is a concern,’ that gets a lot of attention,” DarkOwl vice president Andrew Lewman said in July. “We’ve had all these people we’ve talked to in the past saying they didn’t understand it, didn’t know what it was come at us and say, ‘About that investment, are you still taking offers?’”

Terbium Lab’s Matchlight is somewhat distinct from what other companies in the space offer. Customers give their data to Terbium for fingerprinting, but it’s never accessed by the company. When Matchlight’s crawlers detect the data, the customer is alerted, incident reports are generated on the fly and incident response is offered.

“Matchlight computes billions of data fingerprints every day and alerts customers within minutes when elements of their data appear somewhere they shouldn’t,” Terbium CEO Danny Rogers said in a statement. “It shifts the balance of power from the adversary to the enterprise by providing the tools to rapidly identify fraud and data theft privately and affordably. With the new capital from Glasswing Ventures and their expertise, contacts, and resources in the AI security market, we will continue to build our robust dark web index and world-class leadership team and ensure any organization with critical data and confidential information is protected.”

The new funding will go to building out Matchlight and expanding the company globally.

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