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Yubico pushes an enterprise security plan geared toward corporate America

by Jeff Stone

It's a new service offering YubiKeys in bulk.

Yubico's Stina Ehrensvärd on her company's newest key

by Jeff Stone

Yubico CEO Stina Ehrensvärd talks with CyberScoop Editor-in-Chief Greg Otto about the YubiKey 5Ci and the authentication protocols behind the key that are becoming ubiquitous.

Yubico unveils new NFC key, developing a Lightning-enabled key

by Zaid Shoorbajee

Yubico unveiled two new security keys CES as it makes its line work across more platforms. But a key geared specifically for Apple products won't reach consumers' hands quite yet.

Yubico's latest authentication keys get the jump on a 'passwordless' future

by Zaid Shoorbajee

All four devices in the fifth line of YubiKeys support FIDO2, an open authentication protocol that allows users to forgo passwords entirely.

Security keys have been good to Google, so now it's promoting one of its own

by Patrick Howell O'Neill

"We’ve long advocated the use of security keys as the strongest, most phishing-resistant authentication factor for high-value users."

Will two-factor authentication ever be widely used?

by Jeff Stone

Yubico co-founder Stina Ehrensvärd talks with Greg Otto on the push to make two-factor authentication a technological staple.