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Supreme Court poised to rewrite how social media confronts disinformation

by Suzanne Smalley

If the Supreme Court backs state efforts to limit platforms from curating content, online disinformation will surge, experts and tech companies say.

Senators slam social media companies for failure to keep disinformation from going viral

by Suzanne Smalley

Tech executives say they are working hard to fight disinformation, but lawmakers and critics say they simply aren't doing enough.

Losses to cryptocurrency scams top $1B, FTC reports

by Tonya Riley

Nearly half of the scams originated on social media.

Facebook, Twitter, Google move to intercept Russian propaganda, disinformation about Ukraine

by Tim Starks

Policymakers have been applying pressure to social media giants to hold back the tide of disinformation.

Scammers targeted YouTube creators to takeover accounts, promote crypto investment fraud

by Tonya Riley

YouTube has struggled with scammers taking over channels to spread cryptocurrency scams before.

YouTube joins Silicon Valley backlash against Trump content

by Joe Warminsky

In practice, YouTube's decision is similar to Facebook's move against the president last week.