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AWS' Christian Hoff on supporting the workforce and skill development for the federal workforce

by CyberScoop Staff

AWS catches up with CyberScoop at CyberTalks 2022.

Raytheon's Julian Zottl on training the new cyber workforce to be better defenders

by CyberScoop Staff

CyberScoop speaks with Raytheon at CyberTalks 2022.

DDS' Katie Savage on the benefits of a distributed workforce

by CyberScoop Staff

Defense Digital Service joins CyberScoop at CyberTalks 2022.

Patreon security team layoffs cause backlash in creator community

by Tonya Riley

A former Patreon employee told CyberScoop that after the layoffs "there are no qualified security personnel" at the company.

Spree of multimillion dollar hacks creates booming business for blockchain security experts

by Tonya Riley

Nation-state threats have spooked the industry into being more diligent. But a band-aid approach may not be enough.

The Cyberspace Solarium Commission pushed some major policies into law. So what now?

by Tim Starks

It's going to track how its recommendations are implemented, and study some issues where it only scratched the surface.