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Cyber job listings excluded Colorado workers after salary transparency law went into effect

by Tonya Riley

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment confirmed that it had received dozens of complaints about companies violating the law.

CyberScoop's 2017 Top Women in Cybersecurity

by Greg Otto

In our inaugural list, we honor those who are upending the status quo.

Top Women in Cybersecurity: Donna Dodson

by Shaun Waterman

Donna Dodson has multiple roles at the National Institute of Standards and Technology — the U.S. government's premier measurement and testing laboratory.

Top Women in Cybersecurity: Masha Sedova

by Patrick Howell O'Neill

Masha Sedova co-founded Elevate Security, where she tests user behavior and puts them on campaigns to practice new security behavior.

Top Women in Cybersecurity: Mischel Kwon

by Shaun Waterman

Over a three-decade career in security, Mischel Kwon held a succession of increasingly highly-ranked technical leadership positions before founding MKACyber, a security consulting firm that assesses and builds security operations centers and runs a managed SOC service.

Top Women in Cybersecurity: Kimber Dowsett

by Chris Bing

Kimber Dowsett is a security architect for 18F, a specialized technology division within the General Services Administration, or GSA, that’s been called the U.S. government’s startup.