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Espionage group targeted hotels, governments, seized on Microsoft Exchange vulnerability

by Tim Starks

ESET said it discovered the group, which has been active since 2019.

Suspected Chinese hackers return with unusual attacks on domestic gambling companies

by Tim Starks

The Winnti Group's gambling targets are usually in other parts of Asia.

Taiwan accuses Chinese hackers of aggressive attacks on government agencies

by Sean Lyngaas

It's only the latest in a wave of suspected Chinese hacking campaigns to hit Taiwan.

Taiwan suggests China’s Winnti group is behind ransomware attack on state oil company

by Sean Lyngaas

An attempt to extort CPC, which is responsible for delivering oil products throughout Taiwan, would be a brazen move.

When hacker code collides: A discovered malware sample uses tools from the NSA and a Chinese group

by Shannon Vavra

ESET researchers found a hacking tool that combines a leaked NSA exploit and a Chinese-linked tool, raising questions about its origins.