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Scammers are masquerading as smart TV owners to fleece advertisers, researchers say

by Jeff Stone

White Ops on Thursday disclosed a vast, ongoing scheme in which fraudsters are charging advertising companies for ad space on smart TVs.

Scammers are using Play Store apps to serve ads that nobody can escape

by Jeff Stone

Most went live in September, and all share a similar code library meant to help avoid detection.

The FBI is diving deeper into the Methbot ad fraud case

by Jeff Stone

And now we know the group called itself "Metan," the Russian word for methane.

FBI investigators describe Methbot investigation as 'beautiful concert of things shutting down'

by Jeff Stone

Maybe the only thing more complicated than the Methbot advertising fraud scheme was the plan that ultimately shut it all down.

How scammers made ad fraud a billion-dollar criminal industry

by Jeff Stone

Online ad fraud has become so profitable that malware creators and botnet masters are developing new programs and theft techniques in order to keep making a profit.

No longer clicking: Online ad fraud has fallen in the past year

by Jeff Stone

Emerging techniques involve over-the-top video distribution to taking advantage of mobile video.