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Apple ramps up war on spyware, a growing digital scourge

by Tonya Riley

An Apple representative said that the company has alerted potential victims of highly targeted mercenary spyware in 150 countries.

WhatsApp adds end-to-end encryption to chat backups, locking up data in the cloud

by Tonya Riley

The feature gives users a safer way to back up messages.

WhatsApp hit with $267 million GDPR fine for bungling user privacy disclosure

by Tonya Riley

Facebook is appealing the decision.

Hackers exploit WhatsApp modification tool to snoop on texts, force paid subscriptions

by Tim Starks

Getting "improved" features via modded software might come with security downgrades.

Signal endures 'technical difficulties' amid new popularity

by Shannon Vavra

Millions of people have downloaded the app in recent weeks.