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Japan investigates Mitsubishi Electric breach amid national security concerns

by Sean Lyngaas

Data likely stolen in the hack included specifications of missile prototypes, according to Japanese media.

'Kicking out the adversary' is part of new Cybersecurity Directorate's mission, NSA says

by Shannon Vavra

The focus on eradicating hackers from victimized organizations sets the new Cybersecurity Directorate apart from old defense-focused branches of the NSA.

GAO report shows how easy it is to hack DOD weapon systems

by Sean Lyngaas

In cybersecurity probes of Pentagon weapon systems in recent years, pen-testers were able to wrest control of systems with relative ease, according to GAO.

Lack of cooperation between contractors creates lasting vulnerabilities for DoD, official says

by Chris Bing

Col. Tim Brooks, the mission assurance division chief in the Department of Army Management Office, said a lack of dialogue between contractors is causing headaches as the military looks to harden its systems.