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Scammers are abusing mobile ad networks in an attempt to phish Android app users

by Jeff Stone

At least 400 apps in Google’s Play Store are feeding malicious ads into apps through abuse of an SDK.

The latest in FBI impersonation: An extortion scheme involving mobile ransomware

by Sean Lyngaas

Ransomware on mobile phones may not be the most profitable avenue for criminals, but that hasn't stopped some from trying to make a buck.

Why the revised NIST mobile security framework looks better from a distance

by Michael Covington

In this op-ed, Wandera's Michael Covington says what sounds good theoretically can be near impractical to implement.

A zombie game with 50,000 Play Store downloads was pulling sensitive data from Gmail

by Jeff Stone

"Scary Granny ZOMBY" displayed a phishing page that appeared to be from Google. The Play Store pulled the game down in response to Wandera's research.

The 'permission' question is much different for iOS and Android apps, researchers say

by Jeff Stone

An Android app might be more likely to ask for access to technical functions. An iOS app might seek to use sensitive features, like the microphone. In any case, Wandera says, know what you're getting into.

E-ticketing system exposes airline passengers' personal information via email

by Jeff Stone

The weakness is a check-in link that is emailed to customers, and it exposes information such as passport numbers, flight numbers, researchers at Wandera said. The affected airlines include Southwest, Air France and KLM.