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How the public sector can adopt modern pentesting solutions

by Synack

A new report explains how pentesting of web and mobile applications offer valuable insights and context about vulnerabilities.

How CISA's list of 'must-patch' vulnerabilities has expanded both in size, and who's using it

by Tim Starks

While CISA says the catalog is catching on, some think it needs improvement.

Hospital hallway robots get patches for potentially serious bugs

by Joe Warminsky

Five zero-days found in Aethon TUG robots included one that could allow an attacker to control the machines, Cynerio said.

'Spring4Shell' bug in framework for Java programming draws widespread warnings

by Joe Warminsky

Web applications created in the Spring platform could leave users open to remote code execution, CISA and others are warning.

CISA tells agencies to fix hundreds of software flaws, prep for future vulnerabilities

by Tim Starks

CISA wants agencies to tackle nearly 300 flaws in all, ranging from within two weeks to six months.

Qualys researchers uncover 21 bugs in Exim mail servers

by Shannon Vavra

It's the kind of access the NSA has described as a "dream" for Russian hackers.