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Mixed results for Russia's aggressive Ukraine information war, experts say

by Suzanne Smalley

Russia want to control the internet in occupied Ukraine to feed the population disinformation — and to prevent Ukrainians from sharing video of Russian troops with Ukrainian soldiers, one expert said.

Global advertising giant Omnicom suffers 'suspicious' IT incident

by Tonya Riley

The company said it is in the process of bringing systems back online.

Ukrainian authorities arrest suspected ransomware ringleader

by AJ Vicens

The gang's allegedly responsible for extorting more than 50 companies across Europe and the U.S. for more than $1 million.

State-sponsored Iranian hackers uploaded fake VPN app to Google's Play store, posed as university officials

by Jeff Stone

The group is best known for targeting emails associated with former President Trump's re-election effort.

NSA, CISA share guidelines for securing VPNs as hacking groups keep busy

by Tim Starks

"VPN servers are entry points into protected networks, making them attractive targets," said an NSA official.

US agencies circulate warning about 'aggressive' Chinese hacking effort to steal secrets from a range of targets

by Sean Lyngaas

Despite all the attention on ransomware gangs based in Russia, Chinese state-backed hacking remains a formidable threat to U.S. interests.