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Bigger demands, bigger payouts are the trend in ransomware, report says

by Joe Warminsky

Palo Alto Networks' Unit 42 says that in the cases it worked, the average demand was up 144% and average payment was up 78%.

Russia-linked Gamaredon shows signs of possible recent activity in Ukraine, researchers say

by AJ Vicens

Amid questions about the most recent cyberattacks on Ukraine a known adversary has been observed launching its own attacks.

Interpol arrests 11 alleged members of Nigerian scam syndicate 'SilverTerrier'

by AJ Vicens

The operation — with help from Palo Alto Networks' Unit 42 as well as cybersecurity firm Group-IB — marks the second action against the group.

Another Mirai variant used in attempted hacks on routers, switches

by Sean Lyngaas

Four years later, Mirai continues to haunt the internet.

Baidu apps in Google Play Store left users vulnerable to tracking, Palo Alto finds

by Shannon Vavra

It's some of the most sensitive device data.

Sneaky recon on roster of AWS users is possible, Unit 42 says

by Joe Warminsky

More than 20 APIs associated with 16 Amazon Web Services products can be abused to give up basic information about users and their roles, according to the research arm of cybersecurity giant Palo Alto Networks.