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Hong Kong targeted in new sweeping mobile malware campaign

by Shannon Vavra

Recent protests Hong Kong have been accompanied by surveillance and misinformation campaigns intended to clamp down on the activists.

NSA director rebukes Beijing for 'weaponizing' disinformation in Hong Kong protests

by Shannon Vavra

Gen. Paul Nakasone says China's information warfare efforts are only meant to help the country exert authoritarian control.

YouTube disables 210 channels spreading disinformation about Hong Kong

by Jeff Stone

The case again highlights the challenges of mitigating state-sponsored information operations.

Twitter, Facebook scrub coordinated activity targeting Hong Kong demonstrations

by Jeff Stone

Twitter also announced it would no longer accept advertising from state-controlled news media.

Chinese state media bought Twitter ads to spread disinformation about Hong Kong protests

by Jeff Stone

It's hardly the first time Twitter has been used to amplify questionable narratives.