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Wind turbine giant Vestas says data was compromised in security incident

by Tim Starks

The company says it's getting its systems back online.

Ukraine exposes expansive Russian hacking operation targeting its government, infrastructure

by AJ Vicens

Ukraine doxxed phone calls from the hackers, known in Ukraine as "Armageddon" but as Gamaredon elsewhere.

How the US military used a creepy island to test cyberattacks on the grid — in the middle of a pandemic

by Sean Lyngaas

The annual exercise off Long Island didn't go as planned in 2020.

US charges Russian GRU officers for NotPetya, other major hacks

by Tim Starks

NotPetya cost a reported $1 billion to a collection of U.S. organizations, officials said.

Researchers uncover vulnerabilities in devices used at industrial facilities

by Sean Lyngaas

Trend Micro spent multiple months trying to help get patches issued for the devices, with mixed success.

North American utilities drill 'GridEx' brings record turnout — except from supply chain vendors

by Sean Lyngaas

GridEx used mock malware modeled after the 2016 cyberattack in Ukraine.