Tags Uighur

Chinese state media propaganda found in 88% of Google, Bing news searches

by Suzanne Smalley

Brookings researchers conducted their study over 120 days.

White House executive order further restricts investments in Chinese surveillance technology

by Sean Lyngaas

The Biden administration is taking a similar tack to its predecessor on Chinese technology.

Possible Chinese hackers pose as UN, human rights group to eavesdrop on beleaguered Uyghur population

by Tim Starks

It's just the newest digital woe for the Turkic-speaking ethnic group.

U.S. intelligence community details destructive cyber capabilities, growing influence threats

by Shannon Vavra

The Annual Threat Assessment definitively pegs SolarWinds to Russia.

China-based hackers used front companies to hack Uighurs, Facebook says

by Sean Lyngaas

Facebook’s investigators traced the Android developers to Beijing Best United Technology and Dalian 9Rush Technology.