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Federal courts left Americans' data exposed, senator tells Supreme Court chief justice

by Tonya Riley

Sen. Ron Wyden said privacy rules aren't being followed, putting thousands of Americans at risk of having their most sensitive data exposed.

Biden executive order calls for reproductive health privacy protections

by Tonya Riley

It's not the first time Biden has used executive authorities to push for privacy policies.

Post-Roe reproductive privacy goes beyond period trackers, experts say

by Tonya Riley

The Biden administration is also scrambling to figure out how to secure reproductive data.

Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade reversal sparks calls for strengthening privacy

by Tonya Riley

Data collected by tech companies could be used to prosecute abortion seekers, they warn.

Court reaffirms that data scraping isn't hacking in LinkedIn appeal

by Tonya Riley

The court dismissed LinkedIn's arguments that it had put up "gates" in the form of technical measures to block scraping and legal action.

Facebook files suit against Ukrainian man who allegedly scraped data about 178 million users

by Tonya Riley

The case is the latest salvo in an ongoing legal dispute between tech companies and outsiders who gather accessible information.