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How CISA's list of 'must-patch' vulnerabilities has expanded both in size, and who's using it

by Tim Starks

While CISA says the catalog is catching on, some think it needs improvement.

Vigilante hacking campaign blocks victims from visiting The Pirate Bay, other piracy sites

by Sean Lyngaas

A hacker doesn’t appear to be happy with the amount of digital piracy out there.

Government, industry scramble to prioritize ransomware amid fallout from pipeline, JBS breaches

by Tim Starks

There's some harmony on ransomware, even as both sides redouble their messages to each other.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce calls for cyber (anti-)regulation czar

by Shaun Waterman

The next president should appoint an official whose job it is to cut excessive red tape related to cybersecurity, the nation's leading business lobby group said in a open letter released Tuesday.