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Nigerian man sentenced 10 years for $11 million phishing scam

by Shannon Vavra

The sentence comes as the cost of email scams continues to plague U.S. businesses.

Proofpoint sues Facebook over dummy sites used for anti-phishing training

by Shannon Vavra

Proofpoint argues it is using the domains in good faith.

The most popular brand websites that hackers use for typosquatting campaigns

by Shannon Vavra

New Palo Alto Networks research dives in on the top most-imitated typosquatting websites for credential-stealing, financially-motivated hacks.

Feds warn election officials of potentially malicious ‘typosquatting’ websites

by Sean Lyngaas

It's part of a heightened defensive tempo that officials are on in an election year.

'Typosquatting' campaign imitated news outlets to spread propaganda for years, report says

by Jeff Stone

The effort demonstrates how propagandists have adopted the SEO and social media tactics that real outlets have used to increase audience engagement.