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Multiple government hacking groups stay busy targeting Ukraine and the region, Google researchers say

by AJ Vicens

Multiple ongoing hacking efforts are either connected to or using the Russian military assault to target a wide range of entities.

Kaspersky discovers overlap between SolarWinds hack, Turla

by Tim Starks

The overlap isn't totally definitive, researchers say.

How the Pentagon is trolling Russian, Chinese hackers with cartoons

by Shannon Vavra

Cyber Command has a graphics company on hand to mock foreign hackers.

Why, and how, Turla spies keep returning to European government networks

by Sean Lyngaas

Despite a large body of public data on Turla techniques, the suspected Russian hackers keep breaching networks.

'Turla' spies have been stealing documents from foreign ministries in Eastern Europe, researchers find

by Sean Lyngaas

Turla has a knack for rewriting code and using it to steal state secrets.

Russian intelligence-backed hackers go after Armenian embassy website with new code

by Sean Lyngaas

When subtlety rather than brute force is required, analysts say Moscow calls on Turla.