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Bolton will lead charge to replace cybersecurity coordinator, DHS secretary says

by Chris Bing

The new national security adviser will restructure aspects of the coordinator job, Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen said.

Cybersecurity adviser Rob Joyce to leave White House, return to NSA

by Zaid Shoorbajee

The departures of Joyce and Bossert leave big gaps in the Trump administration's cybersecurity expertise.

Thomas Bossert resigns from White House

by Chris Bing

The resignation comes just one day after newly appointed national security adviser John Bolton took over at the White House.

While U.S. ponders response to Russia, agencies' hands are tied in cyberspace, intelligence chief says

by Chris Bing

After being repetitively criticized for not taking action, the head of the intelligence community complained that a lack of policy had stifled his agencies from forcefully responding to Russian cyberattacks and propaganda.

Watchdog questions DoD about Cyber Command's work with private sector, civilian agencies

by Chris Bing

The role the military, intelligence community or DHS plays in stopping digital attacks aimed at the U.S. economy can appear blurred at times.

White House cybersecurity coordinator takes on additional role in Trump administration

by Chris Bing

CyberScoop has learned that Rob Joyce will take on a new position starting Monday as President Donald Trump's acting deputy homeland security adviser.