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Imperva planned to keep its CEO through a merger. Two months after a breach, he’s out.

by Jeff Stone

Chris Hylen had been scheduled to remain at the helm of the company following a meger with Thoma Bravo.

Thoma Bravo to spend $3.8 billion on Sophos in private equity's latest cyber deal

by Jeff Stone

This comes amid a period of ongoing consolidation in the cybersecurity industry.

Imperva to acquire Distil Networks to add bot mitigation to its offerings

by Jeff Stone

The frenzied M&A in the cybersecurity market continues.

Consolidation is coming for the cybersecurity industry

by Jeff Stone

Amid a flurry of mergers and acquisitions, analysts predict far fewer companies will exist in a few years.

Veracode sold to Thoma Bravo for $950 million

by Zaid Shoorbajee

Veracode has changed hands a few times in the past two years and is now going to a technology-focused private equity firm.

Barracuda taken private as part of $1.6B acquisition

by Greg Otto

Four years after the company went public, Thoma Bravo's purchse will take it off the New York Stock Exchange.