Tags third-party risk

Tokyo Olympics organizers' data swept up in Fujitsu hack: report

by Sean Lyngaas

It's apparently the latest Japanese organization to be swept up in the breach of Fujitsu software.

Boing Boing says hacker got around 2FA in breaching its content management system

by Sean Lyngaas

The popular blog used the breach as a teachable moment to spread better security practices.

Mastercard jumps into the risk-assessment race with RiskRecon acquisition

by Jeff Stone

Mastercard CEO Ajay Banga has advocated to stronger supply chain security for years.

Venmo and PNC Bank are fighting over third-party data access

by Jeff Stone

Is PNC Bank blocking Venmo because of security or business considerations?

IBM's Christopher Scott: Zero-trust is the future

by Jeff Stone

IBM's Global Remediation Lead also talks about cloud security and third-party risk.

VMware's Bill Rowan on how agencies are handling third-party cyber risk

by Jeff Stone

VMWare's Bill Rowan also talks about cloud security and zero-trust.