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With court order, FBI removes hundreds of Exchange Server web shells from US organizations

by Sean Lyngaas

It's one of the most aggressive actions taken yet by U.S. government or corporate officials to combat the Exchange Server vulnerabilities.

Last-minute court rulings on election go against GOP, voting restrictions

by Tim Starks

Houston and Las Vegas were at the center of Monday's court action.

As voters cast their ballots, courts nationwide issue election security edicts

by Tim Starks

The court fights over the long weekend stretched from California to Pennsylvania.

Email scammer pleads guilty to defrauding Texas firms out of more than $500,000

by Jeff Stone

Spending all the money in the world on high-tech cybersecurity tools doesn’t do much for organizations if they still can’t stop email scammers.

This state is becoming America's factory for cybersecurity legislation

by Chris Bing

One state rises above the rest when it comes to federal representatives introducing cybersecurity legislation in this Congress.