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Chinese hacking group resurfaces to spy on U.S. maritime firms

by Chris Bing

Researchers say some of the companies are related to the South China Sea territory dispute.

Hackers could hijack internet-connected speakers to remotely play whatever they want

by Chris Bing

For now, it's just Rick Rolls. Yet the hack could be used for far more sinister purposes.

Triton malware shines light on threat facing energy production companies

by Chris Bing

Triton is the fifth known case of malware that has been specially designed to sabotage industrial control systems.

Recent NSA leaks show challenge of a software 'solution' for insider threats

by Chris Bing

The rudimentary nature of these incidents makes it extremely difficult to create programs that keep material secure without negatively impacting workforce morale.

CCleaner attack was focused on stealing data from top level tech firms

by Chris Bing

Researchers believe the hacking group may be a Chinese advanced persistent threat, although the evidence so far is inconclusive and researchers are still collecting evidence.

Rapidly growing bug bounty company Bugcrowd names new CEO

by Chris Bing

One of the leading bug bounty-focused cybersecurity companies, California-based BugCrowd, announced Monday that it will be taking a new direction with a leadership change at the top.