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Hacker, money launderer sentenced to prison for scamming tax preparers and COVID-19 relief programs

by Tim Starks

The scheme, which included a money laundering operation, netted $280,000 from COVID-19 relief in one state alone.

IRS, GAO at odds over cybersecurity requirements on tax preparers

by Tim Starks

IRS says it needs congressional action. The GAO disagrees.

Chinese banks require clients to use tax programs laced with backdoors, report says

by Shannon Vavra

A Chinese bank required a company to use a specific kind of tax software for local tax purposes, but the software deployed a backdoor, Trustwave researchers say.

With trade war looming, Chinese cyberespionage may return

by Chris Bing

With the prospect of a trade war on the horizon, cybersecurity and policy experts say government-backed cyberattacks between China and the U.S. may spike after years of calm.

Trump administration says China broke Obama-Xi hacking agreement

by Chris Bing

The Trump administration explicitly called out the Chinese government Thursday for having hacked U.S. companies to steal business secrets in recent years.

Tax prep tools lag in DMARC implementation, advocacy group says

by Zaid Shoorbajee

Half of the products tested are not using basic email spoofing protection, GCA says.