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Most top mobile carriers retain geolocation data for two years on average, FCC findings show

by Tonya Riley

Ten of the top 15 mobile carriers offer no way for consumers to opt-out of geolocation data collection, according to responses to the agency.

Personal data from T-Mobile breach still spreading on dark web, state governments warn

by Joe Warminsky

Attorneys general from New York, California and multiple other states issued alerts to consumers about the August 2021 T-Mobile incident.

FCC wants to revamp data breach laws for telecom carriers

by Tonya Riley

The rule change could create additional reporting requirements for companies.

The FCC wants to force phone carriers to guard against SIM-swapping scams

by Tonya Riley

SIM-swapping can lead to identity and financial fraud.

T-Mobile breach climbs to over 50 million people

by Tonya Riley

The breach has sparked lawmaker concern.

T-Mobile confirms breach exposed sensitive data of more than 40 million people

by Tonya Riley

The breach is the company's fifth since 2018.